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At RPMI, ethical employment is a cornerstone of our values. We provide equitable remuneration, reasonable working hours, and staunchly oppose all forms of discrimination and forced labor.


Our team enjoys an array of benefits, including annual health checkups, training opportunities, celebratory gifts, and events fostering a harmonious work environment. 

In terms of occupational health and safety, RPMI ensures the well-being of our employees by offering safety training, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), essential safety gear, as well as access to nurses stationed in our facilities. 

Our People 

The RPMI Family

As a conscientious precious metal refinery, RPMI meticulously sources metals exclusively from legal, registered channels, to combat money laundering within our supply chain. This approach reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical practices. 

Our commitment extends to the chemicals employed in our facilities. We meticulously select high-quality chemicals from licensed, reputable suppliers, ensuring streamlined, superior processes. 

Our efforts in sourcing our materials reflect our commitment to upholding the integrity, ethical standards, and overall quality of our services and products. 

Our Materials 

Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability is at the core of our principles. We strictly adhere to Thailand's stringent pollution and waste management regulations.

By implementing wet scrubbers and bag filters in our refinery, and partnering with trusted chemical waste disposal entities, we ensure that our processes do not cause harm to the environment.


RPMI employs cutting-edge machinery that meets global standards. This ensures meticulous control over both our productivity and the impact of our emissions and waste, aligning with our dedication to responsible practices. 


Sustainable Practices


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