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Silver Scraps for Precious Metal Refining

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High-Grade Silver Refining

  • Receiving: Customers ship their metal scraps to us. 

  • Weighing & Content Analysis: Our in-house analysis team conducts preliminary assessments of scrap weight and utilizes Auto Titration to determine metal content, adhering to the ISO 11427:2014 standard. 

  • Metal Content Confirmation: With the results from our in-house metal analysis, we will confirm the metal content with the customer before proceeding to the next step.  

  • Refining & Granulation: Once the metal content is confirmed, we will use our state-of-the-art refining machines to refine the metal into 99.99% Silver grains. 

  • In-House Metal Analysis: Final metal content is tested using ICP, ensuring a purity of 99.99% Silver, adhering with the ISO 15096:2020 standard. ​

  • Ready to Ship: Ship back the 99.99% Silver grains to customers according to the prior confirmed amount. 


RPMI offers a suite of granulation sevices: 

  • Transforming metal scraps into 99.99% pure silver grains 

  • Crafting ready-to-cast 92.5% sterling silver grains or enhancing metal quality through alloy integration. 

  • Using our vacuumed granulating machines, we can optimize granule quality by using nitrogen to displace oxygen and contaminants, ultimately reducing the metal’s future oxidation risks. 

In-house Metal Content Analysis 

Auto Titration 

  • Our in-house laboratory offers Auto Titration service to analyze the metal content and percentages in the metal that our customers provide. 

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) 

  • RPMI also offers analysis using the ICP method, which is capable of analyzing multiple elements simultaneously, making it highly efficient for elemental analysis. It offers high sensitivity, accuracy, and the ability to analyze a wide concentration range. 

Purchase of Scraps

Scraps Conversion:

  • RPMI assists clients by either purchasing utilized scraps or exchanging them for 99.99% recycled silver. 

Metal Content Evaluation:

  • Upon receipt of scraps, we meticulously analyze metal content and share a comprehensive report with the client. With mutual agreement on content, we proceed to accept the batch and initiate confirmed payment. 

Pure Silver Grains from Refining.jpg


  • 99.99% Pure Silver Grains (With ICP Test Results) 

  • 92.5% Sterling Silver Grains (With Auto Titration Results) 

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