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Who Are We?

"Forging Excellence with Every Refinement"

Regal Precious Metal Innovation Co., Ltd. (RPMI) is a leading metal refinery that is committed to responsible and sustainable practices in all of its operations. Our vision to “Forge Excellence with Every Refinement” propels us to deliver unparalleled services and products to our valued clients.


We offer a range of services that include silver metal refining, in-house metal content analysis, and the sale of pure 99.99% recycled silver or silver mixed with alloys. Through our dedication to innovation and sustainable practices, RPMI has become a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality metal refining services and precious metal products that align with their values.



High-Grade Silver Refining 




In-house Metal Content Analysis


Purchase of Scraps

Regal Precious Metal Innovation Co., Ltd.

Among other certifications, we are honored to hold the Responsible Jewellery Council's Chain of Custody certification, a testament to our commitment to ensuring the traceability of our products.

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